PNT PRETRIP – Glacier National Park – July 8, 2019

Yesterday on my way to the train station I got a text from a friend
“Are you in Glacier?”

So I got off in Whitefish instead of East Glacier and joined some really good friends for a day in Glacier National Park.

First stop was the Apgar Ranger Station where I got my permit to start tomorrow. Probably a better (less miles per day) schedule than I wanted.

We drove up Going To The Sun Road and stopped at Logan Pass. On a short walk up Lunch Creek we saw a big horn sheep running down a snow bank. The Hidden Lake overlook hike was great with glacier lilies, other wildflowers and mountain goats (mammas and babies.)

They are all camping at the Whitefish Mountain Bike Retreat.
I’m staying with them. Thanks to Wesley for giving me his bed. Then just to add another small world happening I found out that this place is owned by a good friend of friends of mine in Banff.

Tomorrow I start. I feel blessed and loved to have been given such an awesome send-off.

5 thoughts on “PNT PRETRIP – Glacier National Park – July 8, 2019

  1. Charles LeBer

    And so it begins. What a trip.
    It would be cool to link up with you toward the end.
    At this time they are currently removing mountain goats from Olympic Nat’l Park and taking them to North Cascades. What I have learned from this is: If you feel threatened by a mountain goat, rattle a plastic trash bag – totally freaks them out – they think is is a rock slide.


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