PNT PRETRIP – What is the PNT? July 7, 2019

The Pacific Northwest Trail Association made this info graphic. Their website is loaded with useful and helpful information.

Check out that elevation graph. It will get flat once I get to the Pacific Ocean.

The PNT is one of the newest National Scenic Trails and traverses some very rugged country. It’s not well signed. There is lots of bush whacking. Lots of road walking. All conditions of dirt roads and pavement. It goes thru some of the most remote and gorgeous backcountry in the US. The gorgeous part is mostly what brings me out here. I just might hitch some of the road walking sections.

It will be a navigational challenge for me. It’s grizzly country. I probably won’t see many other hikers. I’m excited and scared.

I’m on the Empire Builder Amtrak train from Seattle to Glacier National Park. I need to get a backcountry permit and then I can start walking.

I won’t have cell service or wifi often. I’ll update when I can.

18 thoughts on “PNT PRETRIP – What is the PNT? July 7, 2019

  1. chuckleberChuck

    The Bogachiel trail in Olympic National Park has not been brushed in over 20 years. The wilderness info center at the Park says there are 250 (?) trees down. I met a hiker who’s legs looked like he had been lashed. Let me know if I can help you.
    I’d do the Hoh.

  2. danielhowardsnyder

    Way to be Why Not?!!! When those ups and downs flatten out, I suspect you’ll be near Bham. If you want some serious calories and a shower and place to sleep in a bed, let Frances and me know. We’ll do our best to help out. So cool, NH!

  3. Jean Ella

    Why Not, I am thrilled that I am on your mailing list and can follow along with you on this trek. In 1979 when Jule Wind and I did the trail we met lots of very interesting and helpful people along the route whose lifestyle was tied to these remote areas. The best kind of people to meet. Have a blast. I’ll send this blog link to Jule so that she can visit your posts also.

  4. Carrie

    Team Hyatt is thinking of you often!! We saw a GB about 25yds from a moose and its baby on the 9th in Yellowstone…quite the show! Have you met any of their friends?! Love you!


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