PNT Day 37. North Cascades National Park. August 14, 2019.

20 miles
Twin Rocks Camp
PNT Waypoint 761

I walked thru some gorgeous old growth cedar forests. There were occasional views. But mostly it was walking up a river with teases of views.

I’m camped at Twin Rocks campsite in the Cascades National Park.

5 thoughts on “PNT Day 37. North Cascades National Park. August 14, 2019.

  1. Lucy Grittman

    Some of those trees are huge – pretty country and seems the weather has been kind to you for the most part. Keep on truckin’

  2. bkeill

    Oh my gosh, Nancy! Those old growth trees are magnificent! Having just finished “The Overstory” and am reading the Hidden Life of Trees, I am totally obsessed with trees. Wish I could walk among those magnificent ancient giants!

  3. Warren

    Beautiful; old-growth trees, snow on distant mountains, and a lovely creek. Though you say the views weren’t so great, still must have been a very pleasant day. I know I’m feeling just fine having viewed your photos.


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