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​GR 20 Day 12 – The GR 20 Is Done. Finished – September 14, 2017

Refuge d’Paliri to Conca

Distance  13.5 km (8.4 miles) 

As we got lower and closer to Conca the day heated up and got more humid. 

The last bocca….. Bocca d’Usciolu.

We finally got to the paved road and walked to the bar/restaurant that arranges rides to Porto Vecchio. From there busses can be taken to other towns. We were able to join a group for a shuttle leaving in 30 minutes. We got coffee, bananas and chips. The store was out of chocolate croissants which is what I really wanted. 

And just like that we were finished with the GR20 and on our way to being “normal” tourists. 
At Porto Vecchio we got a 3.5 hour bus to Ajaccio. Now we have a rental car (that we can sleep in!) and 6 days to eat our way across Corsica.