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AZT FINISHED! November 1, 2016. 

7 months later and I’m finally getting around to posting my finish of the AZT.

Jellybean and I hiked the southern half of the AZT in 2010. We skipped the section between Molina Campground and Oracle due to deep fresh snow. She hiked the northern half a few years later but never went back to finish up this small section. It worked out perfect to finish it up together.

We left my car where we started and hiked away in the dark. It was awesome to be hiking together again.

The next day we had some great views…..

We camped a few miles outside of Summerhaven but not before getting totally twisted around and spent over an hour to go a quarter mile.

We finished in Oracle the next day.

Marney from the Chalet Village Motel picked us up, gave us an incredible deal at the motel and then drove us back to my car the next day.

AZT. Done at last.