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What is next?

After a night in Manning Park, Grasshopper drove us to Cascade Locks,  Oregon,  for PCT days. I got to see lots of hikers I had met at various points along this trail and other trails.

I will be hanging out in Washington until the end of the month. The ALDHA West gathering is September 26 – 28. I will get my official Triple Crown for completing the PCT, CDT and AT. We ll, really it’s a plaque not a crown. It should be one of the best hiker gatherings ever!

Once I get home, I will post my gear list and a gear review. I’ve been asked for a comparison of the AT vs PCT so I’ll write that up also… with some CDT thoughts thrown in. That probably won’t happen until October.

Thanks for following.

Oh. I have no definite plans after October but I am pretty sure it won’t include another long trail next summer.