What is next?

After a night in Manning Park, Grasshopper drove us to Cascade Locks,  Oregon,  for PCT days. I got to see lots of hikers I had met at various points along this trail and other trails.

I will be hanging out in Washington until the end of the month. The ALDHA West gathering is September 26 – 28. I will get my official Triple Crown for completing the PCT, CDT and AT. We ll, really it’s a plaque not a crown. It should be one of the best hiker gatherings ever!

Once I get home, I will post my gear list and a gear review. I’ve been asked for a comparison of the AT vs PCT so I’ll write that up also… with some CDT thoughts thrown in. That probably won’t happen until October.

Thanks for following.

Oh. I have no definite plans after October but I am pretty sure it won’t include another long trail next summer.

24 thoughts on “What is next?

  1. Carol

    I’m sorry this adventure has come to an end. I will miss hiking with you (via your posts, of course). Enjoy the rest of your time up north and I look forward to seeing you when you get home. FYI – Totally loved all your photos!!


    WOW WOW WOW….incredible! Congratulations on your PCT, and your triple! holy toledo…wow. inspiring! thanks for sharing. I have been following you and several other hikers with daydreams of PCT ’15. All the best.

  3. Barbara

    I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you’re going to make the transition back to home life . . . Loved following you on the PCT this year and the AT last year! Thanks for all the gear recommendations so I could start outfitting myself. I did two trips in the Sierras this summer and found that I love backpacking! Congratulations on that Triple Crown (plaque)! You’re awesome, Nancy!

    1. azdesertnomad

      Hi Nancy

      RoadRunner and I met you on your way to the border as we were heading back to Hart’s Pass. Congratulations on finishing your second thru hike of the PCT and also for being a triple crowner.

      We are back home in Arizona so I have had some time to enjoy your blogs. You have put together a great hiking resume in a short time. I enjoyed your photography. You have a good eye. My camera recently went on the blink. What kind of camera did you use on your hike?

      Hope to see you out on the trail again sometimes

      Will and RoadRunner

      1. BeeKeeper

        Hey Will and RoadRunner, you were back on trail this summer? Guess you didn’t quite finish last September. Cheers to a successful completion. Jan aka BeeKeeper

  4. JoAnn

    Way to go, Nancy! Wow, I am impressed with your completion of four long hikes. It’s a great life and now back to the real world.

  5. BeeKeeper

    Congrats! Now didn’t you already have your triple before this summer? Was planning on going to ALDHA but decided it was time to head home instead. I’ve been fighting chest congestion from either a cold or allergies.

  6. Mary Aikens

    Hey Why Not!!! How about coming to Florida this winter and hiking The Florida Trail with us??? I met you in Vermont while I was hiking The Long Trail, would so love to have the opportunity to hike with you! Surely the The Florida Trail must be on your “bucket list?” 🙂 🙂

  7. Raggs

    Nancy, my trail name it Raggs…….. I hiked ahead of you and finished in the middle of August. I hiked past a lot of people you mention and I must have passed you somewhere. You mention Crusher and I gave that guy his trail name, he finished. Crusher is special as he has cerebral palsy that affects one side of him…………he finished. We took off from the border together and we both got to Canada. Reading your blog, I would have been proud to hike some with you………. here is the link to Crusher………https://vimeo.com/109846546


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