Day 153 – 9/2/14 – CANADA!

Day 153
15.2 miles to Manning Park,  Canada
2669 total miles

The last morning started with hot coffee and saying goodbye to Will.



The cloudy day was perfect for each of us retreating to our own thoughts. So much has happened since the Mexican border,  the Californian desert and now.




And then we could see the border cut in the forest. And then the monument.



Bambi, False Summit and Big Sauce were at the monument when we got there. Lots of hugs, high fives and photos later Atlas and I sat down, boiled water and enjoyed a final Monumental Mocha.

We then had 8 more miles to hike to the road at Manning Park, Canada. It rained. It didn’t matter. 

Grasshopper,  whom I started this trail with, and Atlas’s very supportive girlfriend, Teresa, met us at the lodge.

I did it again! I’m amazed that for the fourth time I have had the fortune to hike one of our country’s great long trails end to end with no mishaps or missteps or anything else to get in the way of my dreams.

I’ve seen incredible things but the people are always the most incredible. Thank you to all those I hiked with, all the other hikers and nonhikers I met along the way, all the trail angels, all those who read and commented on my blog, all those who gave me rides, and of course my family and friends from home. It takes more than a village to hike this trail. I will always remember and appreciate.

16 thoughts on “Day 153 – 9/2/14 – CANADA!

  1. John Buckerfield

    Congratultions! I have enjoyed following along through your words. As a Suburban Angel I will buy the beer when your are home.

  2. Juls

    Congratulations, Nancy! Thank you for sharing all of your journey and all of the lovely photos you posted. It’s so inspiring. I hope to hike the JMT (small by comparison) some day and maybe one day I’ll follow in your footsteps on the PCT as well. Hope your re-entry into civilization goes smoothly. — Juls (Linda C’s little sister)

  3. Rhonda Voos

    Have loved following your blog. Living vicariously through you! Your pictures are fantastic. Congratulations doesn’t seem like enough for what you have accomplished- 4 thru hikes! Will be watching for what’s next. Thanks also for giving me another view on what my daughter was up to! Rhonda (Spirit’s mom)

  4. Happy Tutu

    I’ve loved traveling with you. Thanks for the beautiful photos and writings. YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!! Still doing Trail Angel work at Chinook Pass. Fed 34 hikers this week…..will be up there one more week. Happy Trails to you. xoxo Happy Tutu

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Thank you. On September 29th I’m taking Amtrak from Seattle to Redding. I’ll be there a couple days and then head back to Sacramento. Hopefully we can get together.

  5. Wayne E. Stiefvater

    Hi Nancy!

    Just found this message in my Junk folder. I wondered why a post for your last day on the PCT didn’t arrive. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are amazing; what an accomplishment.

    Did you ever blog about these? 1. your gear list and gear review 2. comparison of the AT vs PCT

    Any plans yet for the future?

    Best regards, Wayne


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