GDT Day 38. August 12, 2018. The GDT is Done!

13.2 km. Whitehorn Campsite to Mt Robson Visitor Center

It rained much of the night but had stopped by morning. There was no hurry so I got to sleep until 7am. Nice.

The walk out was uneventful but beautiful. We walked thru gorgeous old growth cedars.



We hung out most of the day at the cafe and Visitor Center. We took showers. I was able to finally able to remove the bandage on my leg, clean it and revenge it. It looks surprisingly good. It still hasn’t hurt since I first sliced it.

We are camped at Robson Meadows Campground. We catch the Greyhound Bus at 4:40am.

19 thoughts on “GDT Day 38. August 12, 2018. The GDT is Done!

  1. bkeill

    Hurrah for you! Loved your posts and amazing photos, and you cheated death again, as we say in our family! Can’t wait to see you when we get back from our Mt. Blanc adventure.

  2. JerryW

    Dear Nancy, congratulations to both of you on completing a fine walk .. and thank you for sharing it. It has been fascinating, and altogether impressive.
    PS: time for a new pair of trousers, perhaps 🙂

  3. Lou Child

    Congratulations you two! Great walk and beautiful scenery. Enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your photos – inspires me as we start to emerge from a New Zealand winter. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Kia Kaha

  4. Rachel Novak

    A high-five for a job well done! Thanks for taking us along. I will miss your blogging and wonderful photos.

  5. Jill W.

    Bravo!! What a challenging, rewarding adventure!! I’m so glad to experience this region through your photography and comments. You deserve to kick back for a few weeks!
    Btw….in a long ago post you mentioned family in the fire area of N.CA. I hope they fared alright. Cheers to you and Christy

  6. Warren

    Congratsulations on yet another completion of a long trail. Hope you had fun inspite of the injury and other obstacles. Will be interested to hear if this is the end of your hiking year.

  7. Lucy Grittman

    Glad your leg injury did not get infected altho it still looks ugly – hoping it heals nicely. Thank you so much for your great posts and pictures. Will miss them and will be waiting for the next adventure!!

  8. Rachel Novak

    After you are rested, would you by any chance have a gear list you wouldn’t mind sharing? Thanks so much for all the great photos of your trip. I felt like I was there too!


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