GDT Day 37. August 11, 2018. Smoky Ford of the Smoky River

32.2 km. 6th Ford of the Moose River to Whitehorn Campsite on the Berg Lake Trail

At 4:45am Rockin said it was time to get going. Ugh. She was right. We had places to go and a river to cross.

First we hiked up Moose Pass which is supposed to be gorgeous. The smoke hid much of the grandness.



Moose Pass

At 11am we got to the Smoky River. We could tell from the wet line on the sides that it was lower than at the end of yesterday. With great relief we got to the other side and ate lunch. It’s all downhill from here.

Smoky River Ford

At Robson Pass we entered Mt Robson Provincial Park. This place must be spectacular without smoke. We could barely see the outline of Mt Robson. Berg Lake and the glaciers flowing into it gave us just a glimpse of it’s true beauty.

Very faint outline of Mt Robson. I guess I need to come back.


A note at Robson Pass about the route we just finished.



What we should be seeing.


This bench is positioned for a great view of Mt Robson. Not today.



We talked to the ranger and he said there were some open campsites at Whitehorn. So we continued down the 26km Berg Lake Trail. It follows the Emperor Falls and the gorge they flow into. Spectacular.

And it didn’t rain until 8pm just after we had gotten in to our tents. I am feeling quite fortunate.

I’m also wondering how the family behind us is doing.

2 thoughts on “GDT Day 37. August 11, 2018. Smoky Ford of the Smoky River

  1. Warren

    Obscured beauty. Fire season seems to be particularly bad, at least here in CA. Hoping it indeed is all down hill from here.


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