PNT Day 1. July 9, 2019

13.3 miles
Mokowanis Junction Campsite

My friend Beth dropped me off in West Glacier. 3 shuttles and 3 hitches later I started walking from Chief Mountain at 3:30. Luckily for me it stayed light late. Glacier National Park requires backcountry camping in designated spots. So I had to get to my site.

It was a spectacular walk on perfect national park trails. I met several hikers going the opposite way. Wildflowers were abundant and views spectacular.

I was definitely bear aware and kept making lots of noise. I did see a black bear right in the trail ahead of me. It took awhile for him to leave. I found out later that many other hikers have seen him.

I arrived at 8:30pm after rushing the whole way. So much for a casual start. I met a couple from the UK, Emma and Chris. They are also hiking the PNT.

6 thoughts on “PNT Day 1. July 9, 2019

  1. Warren

    Wow, 13.3 miles in five hours. Hit the ground running did you.

    Super beautiful country. I’d say it was a great start, excluding all the hitching etc.


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