PNT DAY 5. Red Meadow Lake. July 13, 2019

20 miles
2824 ft elevation gain
Red Meadow Lake USFS Car Campground
PNT Mile 73

Back to the bakery for breakfast. I ate a delicious doughy egg, cheese and spinach thing. And I got a sandwich to eat for lunch. I planned to take a photo of it but I only had one bite left when I remembered.

I walked all day with Emma and Chris. They are good company. It almost made me forget this is still grizzly country. We were on roads or trails on old decommissioned roads all day. It was pleasant walking and easy navigation. Wildflowers are still everywhere.

We saw a ptarmigan with 4 chicks.

The campground is .5 off the trail but on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. One rider is here. One guy that hiked the PCT in 2012 is here with his 2 little boys. Knowing what is important to thru hikers he offered to take our garbage. Another guy who writes hiking and fishing guidebooks. Just lots of great conversations. And best we have a campsite right next to the lake. It was breezy when we got here so no mosquitos. Unfortunately that didn’t last so I retreated to my tent.

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