PNT DAY 6. Up, Up We Go. July 14, 2019

21 miles
4803 ft of climbing
Forest Rd 114 / Trail Camp
PNT Mile 94

Red Meadow Lake

For most of the day we had really nice trail. There was lots of elevation change which I better get used to. That’s what the PNT is all about.

The wildflowers are still abundant. We had some great views all the way back to Glacier. This East West trail is really circuitous. We headed mostly north all day.

There are way more PNT markers than ever before.

Forest fire scars

We are now camped just before a gravel road. In the grass next to a creek. There will be condensation for sure. The guidebook calls this an “excellent” campsite. For us it is in an excellent location and adequate.

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