PNT DAY 4. Polebridge.  July 12, 2019

7 miles
Polebridge MT
PNT Mile 53

I was happy to be hiking the dirt road into town before much traffic. Polebridge is funky in a very good way. It has no electricity. Just solar and generators. No cell service The Mercantile has a hiker famous bakery. They give all who walk in a free fruit fritter. That was the most sugar I’ve eaten in a year. It was delicious. I met another PNT hiker in front. I forget his name. He’s heading out today on the northern alternate.

I checked into the North Fork Hostel. They are full but always have room for hikers or Great Divide bikers to tent on their front lawn. Oliver the owner even lets us check in early. I showered and did laundry (in a small metal tub on the lawn… even used my feet to scrub off more dirt.)

The Brits, Emma and Chris, are staying here also. We had our first and second beers of the hike and dinner at the Northern Lights Saloon. We made plans to hike out together tomorrow. They are ultra runners, Ironmen and 20 years younger. This is their first thru hike and they have big packs. They like beer. I think it will work out

4 thoughts on “PNT DAY 4. Polebridge.  July 12, 2019

  1. Warren

    I really enjoyed looking at the photo of the bakery counter. MMMMMM!
    I bet the Brits figure out along the way how to become ultra hikers, with a little help from folks like you.


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