PNT DAY 3. July 11, 2019

18.5 miles
Bowman Lake Car Campground

Today was more gorgeous walking with perfect temperature and lots of wildflowers.

At the top of Brown Pass an alternate route heads off to Boulder Pass. That was closed because a couple of grizzlies were feeding on a carcass!

Brown Pass

Bowman Lake, where I’m headed, can be seen in the distance. It’s way down.

The trail was a little over grown at times.

The last 8 miles were along Bowman Lake. The trail was in the trees more than I would have liked but it was easy going.

I arrived at the car campground and found the host. They don’t have a hiker/biker site. She pointed to the handicapped site and told me to take that one. For free! I was probably limping and looked disabled. I felt it. But as usual taking off my pack and cleaning up made me feel back to normal.

5 thoughts on “PNT DAY 3. July 11, 2019

  1. Rachel Novak

    So beautiful! Two bears feeding on a carcass!!! They would probably ignore a skinny hiker. Thanks for the wonderful photos Nancy.


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