GDT. Day 30. August 4, 2018. Short Day, Rest Day.

17 km. Waterfalls Campground to Start of Six Passes Alternate

It wasn’t raining this morning but we put on our rain clothes because we knew we would be walking thru wet brush. It started raining just as we got to the lake. This is just past the point that the 6 passes alternate starts. We want to do this to avoid walking on the unmaintained trail on the main route. Most importantly, it is supposed to be spectacular but hiking up to 8500 ft with threatening weather didn’t seem like a good idea. We want to see. So we made camp early. And if course it hasn’t rained since. But I am tired and a short day seems like the right thing to do. Plus the inReach weather forecast says it might rain at 6 but be much better weather tomorrow.

Decision time under the umbrella.


Not a bad place to spend an afternoon, evening and night.

2 thoughts on “GDT. Day 30. August 4, 2018. Short Day, Rest Day.

  1. bkeill

    Think that was a good decision.. to make camp early…looks a bit ominous! I don’t get the sense you are coming across too many other hikers; am I correct? Seems like the trail every day is a bit dicey. Do stay safe, my friend.


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