GDT Day 22. July 27, 2018. Zero in Golden.

This morning Canadoug stopped by. I met him the first week of my 2009 PCT hike and haven’t seen him since. He is very involved with GDT trail maintenance and shared lots of info on the upcoming sections.

I got my blog all up to date and then walked around town.

We met up with Canadoug again for dinner at the White Tooth Bistro. We sat on the patio overlooking the Kickinghorse River. He is going to take us back to the trail tommorow even though it will be a couple hours out of his way. I don’t think it would be an easy hitch and this way we can get an early start. I love the trail community.


3 thoughts on “GDT Day 22. July 27, 2018. Zero in Golden.

  1. Sharell

    Hi pal, finally catching up on your blog. Am exceedingly jealous of the beauty you are walking through. It is hot, smoky, and awful here. You might consider moving to Canada. I would miss you but I would come visit. Promise! Miss you. Your house is fine and well cared for. Dan and Rachael bought a house in Arden Park and will move there in 12 days. They are ready. Can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you giving them a place to stay. Safe travels. You must be seeing the beginnings of seasonal change up there. xo

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      That is awesome for Dan and Rachael. I hear Redding is a mess. It’s been smoky up here also. Just hazy for awhile. Until yesterday when it got really bad. We might be done. If you can’t see anything why hike?


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