GDT Day 21. July 26, 2018. Walking to Field.

28.1 km Helmet Falls Campground to Trailhead West of Field.

We camped low near a creek and woke up to much less condensation than many other mornings. We can’t figure this out!

The sky is hazy as in smoke. Our gorgeous views are being obscured. It needs to clear up.

Near the top of our only significant climb of the day. Time for 2nd breakfast.


We had one big pass to climb and then it was mostly a long downhill to the trailhead and Hwy 1. We walked thru several huge avalanche chutes with a jumble of downed trees. It was a balancing act and test of flexibility.

Goodsir Glacier and Creek from an avalanche chute.


Ottertail River


The high bank of the river collapsed here leaving interesting shaped fins.


Once at the trailhead we hitched 8km to the town of Field where we had sent our resupply boxes. We got a ride with Robyn who lives in Banff and knows Keith and Leslie!

A much deserved beer and my sign at the ready for the next hitch.

After we are dinner we had to hitch 50km to the town of Golden. Field books solid a year in advance. With my trusty sign we got a ride right away with a family from the Netherlands travelling in a motorhome. It was really fun talking to them.

We are at the Rondo Motel and have a zero tomorrow. Yay!

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