GDT Day 19.  July 24, 2018. Up and Down Thru Beauty and Burn

29.5 km Egypt Lake Shelter to Floe Lake.

Rockin let me sleep in till 6am! I want her to wake me up because I would just keep sleeping. Nobody else in the shelter even moved by the time we packed, ate and left. But I’m sure I woke them all up with all my plastic bags crunching.

It must have rained last night and we were all dry inside the shelter…. Just what I had hoped when I booked it. The wet brush got us wet for the first part of the morning.

Whistling Pass


Haiduk Lake reflections with Ball Mt ahead.


More relections looking back.


The last part of the climb up to Ball Pass was over a rock jumble. A nice path made it much easier than if we were just climbing over the rocks.

Climbing up Ball Pass

We ate lunch up there. We hung out at the pass for a long time. It is one of the nicest passes so far and was just the perfect temperature up there.

Smiles on Ball Pass

The way down was long and mostly thru a burn from 10 years ago. That means lots of downed trees to go over, under and around.

At the parking lot at the bottom we took a 1 hour break. Then we started up the other side thru a burn from 5 years ago.

Vermilion River


Almost to the top of a 700 meter climb at the end of the day.


It’s feels so good to be laying down and not moving.

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