GDT Day 18. July 23, 2018. Short Day to Egypt Lake Shelter

13.9 km. Sunshine Village to Egypt Lake Shelter

We took the 8:30am free shuttle back to Sunshine Village and the gondola back up the mountain. Then it was beautiful high alpine walking with lots of wildflowers.

Rock Isle Lake


Nice break at the top of a rise.




A couple of passes later we were at the Egypt Lake Shelter. I booked the shelter because all the campsites were full. It reminds me of the basic huts in New Zealand. We didn’t have far to go and took a break at every opportunity but still got here at 3:30. One bonus is that there are tables and benches inside which is a treat. There are quite a few mosquitos outside so we are staying inside.

5 thoughts on “GDT Day 18. July 23, 2018. Short Day to Egypt Lake Shelter

  1. Warren

    I like everything about it, but the skeeters. I’m heading out next week to the Sierras on the Western side, hopefully they’ve all hatched, lived, and now all died!


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