GDT Day 10. July 15, 2018. Hot Road Walking

40 km to Lower Elk Lake Campground

Cold start to the day



The special attraction of the day was watching over 30 cyclists ride by in small groups. Most are riding all or part of the Great Divide Ride which goes from Banff and ends in Antelope Wells on the New Mexico/Mexico border. 4 women from Italy were on their 3rd day of 45. A couple we talked to from Prince Edward Island were riding from Banff to Vancouver. It was interesting to see the variation in bikes and how they carried their gear. The reason we crossed paths with the cyclists it’s that the majority of the day’s walk was on a gravel road. Ugh. I used my umbrella to great advantage again today. Bring your own shade.

We are now camped in an actual campground at Lower Elk Lake. It’s a half mile walk in from the parking lot. The lake is beautiful with mountains and their glaciers as a backdrop. It was fun interacting with some of the other campers.

Lower Elk Lake


Tomorrow is a town day. 7 days out from the last town and I really need a shower.

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