GDT Day 9. July 14, 2018. Fording River Pass.

26.1 km

We woke in a drizzly cloud. Our tents were wet of course. Our early ridge walk was made more interesting by trying to find the cairns in the fog.

At Cataract Creek we were greeted with “Do you want some hot coffee or tea?” Sobo SAM (Southbound Sisters and Mom) were just finishing breakfast. We said YES. Neither of us are carrying a stove so this was really a treat. They are section hiking the GDT in the opposite direction. They have crossed paths with 8 other nobos. I had no idea there were that many in front of us. Judy says she hardly ever meets women older than her out here. We made her day. Ha. She is a bison farmer.

Gina, Judy and Heather or Heather, Judy and Gina


Waking in the fog. Missing all the views.

We also met a father/son at the start of the climb up Fording River Pass. They were out for a 4 day adventure and camped at the lake almost at the pass.

I almost slipped off this bridge.


The lake near the pass.


Fording River Pass


I love this flower with all it’s little elephant heads.

We are now camped off the side of the trail part way down from the pass toward Aldridge Creek. Once we got in our tents a rabbit decided to torment us. It sat a foot away and looked like it was deciding what to chew up first. Our attempts to shoo it away didn’t last for long. It kept coming back. I finally got out of my tent and grabbed some rocks. My first few missed attempts didn’t scare it much. But the last 2 came close enough to make it leave for good. All that playing catch with my brothers finally paid off.

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