GDT Day 11. July 17, 2018. Hitching to Kananaskis.

9.3 kilometers

Total GDT mileage: 338.9 km/210.6 miles (minus about 60km missed due to Waterton closure)

I wish I could wake up to this every morning.


We had a pretty easy walk to the trailhead. No one was around so we walked another 2 km to the Boulton Trading Post and got there at 9:30am. We knew we couldn’t check into the Kananaskis Hostel until 5 so we took showers at the campground.

I really need this after 7 days of sweating.

It took awhile to get a hitch but 2 rides later we were at the Kananaskis Village. This was built for the Calgary Olympics and isnt really a village. But it does have WiFi, a very small store, Cafe, a few restaurants and expensive lodging. We spent the day there and ate. I had a beer. And ate again.

Beer and dinner.

We got another hitch down to the hostel. It’s nice here but no wifi so I’m using my Verizon international plan data.

A bed. Yay. And a day off tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “GDT Day 11. July 17, 2018. Hitching to Kananaskis.

  1. Warren

    Day off and recharge batteries, the human kind I am referring to. Hope you have a fun and restful time in town.

  2. annie hyatt

    Hi Sweet Aunt Nacy,
    All of your pictures are sooo awesome and every place you go looks like heaven! The wild flowers are so colorful!!
    – annie hyatt


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