GDT Day 6. July 11, 2018. Follow the Flags

20ish miles

Long day. Lots of climbing. Packs are still heavy.

It looks so flat and easy.


We have seen lots of bear sign but no bears. Yet.


North Fork Pass. The original 98 kilometer GDT started here.

We walked on all logging or ATV roads until the end of the day. There was a huge avalanche that destroyed a section of trail. Some trail maintainers flagged a 6-8 km detour on an old road, game trails, and just thru the forest. They also cleared a path. It was fun finding the next flag. But also a lot of work at the end of the day.

New bridge for a huge new section of trail from Coleman. Too bad it isn’t finished yet. Thanks to those building it.


It’s not all easy walking.


Creative trail marking


We are camped about 1km from the end of the detour and in full view of Tornado Mountain.

3 thoughts on “GDT Day 6. July 11, 2018. Follow the Flags

  1. Rachel Novak

    So beautiful! Looks like you camped among the flowers. Thanks so much for the photos and comments. Let’s hope you don’t see any bears except for a loooong way off. By the way, the Day 7 post seems to have a problem.

  2. Jill W.

    I think I’d be lingering over my morning coffee too long at the lovely Tornado Mtn. campsite.
    Soooo peaceful. Loved the avalanche lily too. Do you like your new pack? This long stretch will be its true test.


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