GDT Day 7. July 12, 2018. A Great Day For Views

16.7 miles
Camping at Beehive Creek.

Heading up to Tornado Saddle


The absolutely best part of the day was arriving on Tornado Saddle, looking down the other side and seeing dozens of bighorn sheep. It was awesome. We sat down and watched them for at least a half hour. They weren’t very afraid of us. I guess they knew they could outrun any move we made. Even when we started walking down they just slowly moved away but not out of sight.

Lots of loose scree on the way up


My phone camera was no match for the bighorn sheep. But my eyes and soul took it all in.


We met another GDT hiker today after we got down from Tornado Saddle… Brett from Saskatchewan. He is also camped with us tonight.

We had 2 more steep climbs before we were done for the day. We were rewarded with more great views. But in-between it was lots of in the tree hiking.


We also had lots of actual trail for the first time and orange blazes. That made our navigation way easier.

We are camped near Beehive Creek. Up high with views which we both like.

3 thoughts on “GDT Day 7. July 12, 2018. A Great Day For Views

  1. Lucy Grittman

    Such beautiful scenery and glad the only “critters” you have come upon are not confrontational!! Love following along with you girls!!

  2. jerrywh

    Sheep in the mountains behave differently to those in fields. They know they have space. Often the senior sheep will come and look you over and if she decides you look harmless they just ignore you after that. I am not sure if they are any cleverer than other sheep but they seem so..


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