GDT – Day 5 – July 10, 2018 – Perfect Day For Rain

19.1 MILES

We had a pretty relaxed morning. Coffee and breakfast was at the Fly Shop. Then it was back to the room to cram 7 days of food into our backpacks. This is the most I ever want to carry.

Usually I have my tent and rain gear inside my pack. Not with 7 days of food including 2 bags of crushed potato chips.

The terrain and elevation change was favorable and made the heavy pack about as good as it gets.

NOT women’s work.


Beehive Mountain


This was steep.

The GDT it’s known for having lots of rain. We’ve had almost perfect weather so far. Today was just a transition day with not that many spectacular views or technical walking. It was all on dirt roads. If we are going to get rain these are the best days for it. The rain was sporadic and often accompanied by thunder and lightening. I liked that we were low and in the trees.


Beaver pond in the rain.


Raincoat on. Raincoat off. Raincoat on. Not complaining.

2 cars that passed us stopped to chat. They were surprised when we told them what we are trying to do. It was fun to talk to them.

At the end of the day we passed up a campsite because it was too early. This is a long section. 128 miles. We wanted to make a good dent into that. We ended up with an ok site. Not in the trees like we wanted but good enough.

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