AZT Day 23. More Views. October 27, 2016.

AZT Day 23. More Views. October 27, 2016.

22.8 miles
2 miles before hwy 87 (mile 299.4) to just before a creek at mile 322.2
Total miles: 282.9 miles

I took a break about 9am for a snack and a 2nd cup of coffee.


East Clear Creek was dry as expected.


Frederick Haughton canyon had lots of water. But it wasn’t flowing, was cloudy and was not appetizing. 


I only saw one person all day who had just gotten in his truck after walking his dog. He gave me a liter of water. He said he wouldn’t let his dog drink the water I had just passed.

As I got lower in elevation fall color returned. This was around the East Verde River which was the clearest, coldest water I’ve seen. And I filtered and drank a bunch.


Today was my favorite day in a long time. More varied terrain with more views, more elevation change, more trail and less dirt road. But I didn’t capture much of that in photos.




Time to find a campsite.

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