AZT Day 12. Battered by the Wind. October 16, 2016.

AZT Day 12. Battered by the Wind. October 16, 2016.

26.7 miles
AZT Mile 134.9 to 161.6
Just north of Russell Tank to .5 mile north of Rabbit Tank.
Total miles: 140.1

Today’s breakfast was much better than yesterday’s.


Early this morning I was pretty happy to find a toilet and garbage can just off the trail from Russell Tank. I saw a jeep and tent there. Later I met the owners. I met Bill by the side trail to Moqui Stage Station. He was walking back to meet up with his wife who is section hiking the AZT. Bill said he saw 2 others sobos yesterday. So there are others out here!


Later I saw a mountain biker riding from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. In a day. It is taking me 4 plus days to hike that. I spent all morning wishing I was on a bike. And then the tree protection ended and I had a headwind for the rest of the day. It would not have been fun on a bike.


Lockwood Tank. I didn't taste it.

The weather forecast was for winds  30 mph with gusts to 35. Tomorrow should be the same only about 5 mph faster. It really made the walking not fun. The terrain wasn’t particularly exciting and most of the walking was on rocky dirt roads.

Tomorrow should be better in the San Francisco Peaks. I saw them in the distance all day.


I spent forever looking for a flat, windprotected place to camp. When I saw a heart shaped rock I knew I was home for the night.



As long as the wind doesn’t shift I am set. I can hear it blowing but it’s just an occasional breeze where I am. And I have the best view from my tent that I have had this entire hike.


And it got better….


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