AZT Day 11. Swami’s Leftovers. October 15, 2016

AZT Day 11. Swami’s Leftovers. October 15, 2016

25.5 miles.
Tusayan to just before Russell Tank (AZT sobo mile 134.9)
Total miles: 113.4

You would be hard pressed to find a hiker who has logged more miles in more places around the world than Cam “Swami ” Honan. Check out his website at

I met Swami in July 2011 on day 5 of his first of 12 long walks in North America.  After 18 months and after completing the 12th hike he spent some time at my house. He gave me some of his leftover food. When I was rushing around getting food together for this hike I pulled out a bunch of stuff from my freezer. I still had one of his bars. Of course it was way past the 2012 expiration date.  I ate it for breakfast this morning! Ha, ha. Not my favorite energy bar but out here food is fuel and this one packs a wallop while tasting like sawdust. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to impart any of Swami’s superpowers.



Grandview Lookout Tower didn’t have that grand of view.


I saw a herd of 7 elk this morning. About 15 minutes later I heard a gunshot in the distance and saw some elk running at an angle across the trail. I didnt want to scare them and make them run back toward the shots. It’s definitely hunting season. Luckily I decided to switch to my orange merino wool shirt. On the AZT I’ve seen 3 couples out hunting. I don’t think I have ever seen a woman hunter before but now I have met 3.


4 liters water plus 4 days of food is too much for me.

There were some nice views.



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