AZT Day 2. Jacob Lake. October 6, 2016

AZT Day 2. October 6, 2016

16.7 miles. One mile past Winter Rd to Hwy 89A (passage 42 – 41 junction). 7am to 2:30pm.
Total miles: 27.9.

I went to sleep about 8pm last night and still woke up after it was completely light. Sleep is good. And right now there is no hurry to start walking. I am running out of legs before I run out of light.

I walked thru more juniper trees. Then some pinyon pines, Jeffrey pines and oaks which were turning fall colors. It was beautiful and mostly flat. But there were no dramatic views.




What is this flower?

I crossed paths with 4 men who are hiking south rim to utah. Some of it they are doing with car shuttles so they can dayhike.


My car was parked right where I left it at the trailhead.  It’s definitely a different hike with a car. I drove the one mile to Jacob Lake Inn. The 4 guys I saw earlier in the day got there about the same time. We all sat at the counter to eat. The Bulls burger was great. I’m hungry already.

Before I sat down I heard “are you Why Not?” Joanne and Janet follow Rockin’s blog and recognized me from pictures from the Sierra High Route and the Wind River High Route this past summer. I’m sure it helped that I was wearing my same hiking uniform!  It was fun to talk to them.


Then I got in my car and cached water 2 places closer to the north rim. I want to leave my car at the north Kaibab trailhead and hitch back to where I left off. I can leave my car there but all camping is full and sleeping in your car at the TH isn’t allowed. So I drove 4 miles back out of the park to a forest service road where I will sleep in my car. Tomorrow morning I will finish the driving, parking and hitching. It’s kind of nice to have a rolling bounce box but I think it might break up the rhythm of a long hike. But since there isn’t much water out here I think overall it’s going to be good.

8 thoughts on “AZT Day 2. Jacob Lake. October 6, 2016

  1. rambler1959

    Great to see you out on the trail again. I don’t know how far you’re going on the AZT but Kathryn and I are looking forward to following your latest adventure.

  2. Warren

    I do love Arizona so it will be great to see more photos of the terrain and to hear stories about all the happenings.


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