AZT Day 3. Aspen Rule the Day. October 7, 2016

AZT Day 3. Aspen Rule the Day. October 7, 2016

21.3 miles.
Hwy 89A to 1 mile past Crane Lake.
Total miles: 49.2

Sleeping in my car worked out great. In the morning I drove back into the park and left my car at the North Kaibab TH. I walked out to the road and the first car picked me up. Theresa and Phil were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. It was really fun to talk to them and I was soon back to where I had left the trail yesterday.


I’m a bit too late for peak aspen color. Many of the trees have lost all their leaves. But there is still so much left and I loved it.



I walked thru miles and miles of a burn area. The aspen that still had leaves just looked glorious.




I saw a huge bird. Could it be a condor? Or just another vulture?


I walked until I was out of the burn area and I had a few aspen around me.


The only people I saw while hiking were 2 hunters. She got one. He didn’t.

2 thoughts on “AZT Day 3. Aspen Rule the Day. October 7, 2016

  1. Lucy Grittman

    Nice to catch your blog again. The burnt over forest looks like a few spots here in Central Oregon!! It is nice to see things growing again between the burned trees.


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