AZT Day 1. Back On The Trail. October 5, 2016.

AZT Day 1. October 5, 2016.

11.2 miles
Utah – Arizona State Line to a mile past Winter Rd.

Logistics were made so easy for me thanks to Trish who I met on the PCT in 2014. I stayed at her house in Kanab last night. After breakfast of sausage and eggs, Trish and her friend Laurie drove me to the start.

We dropped my car off at Jacob Lake TH then drove along the Vermillion Cliffs to the Utah state line and the start of the AZT.


I started with 4 liters of water which should last me the 28 miles back to Jacob Lake and my car.

The trail was so well manicured at first as it climbed up to the ridge and juniper trees.


This tarantula and a Horned lizard were the only wildlife I saw.


Lots of old puffballs

It was perfect hiking weather. Lots of individual clouds and breezy.


I'm definitely back in the desert.

About 5 miles in I met up with 7 mountain bikers from Durango heading the opposite direction. Mountain bikes are legal on most of the AZT. I wonder how many I will see. Today they were the only people I saw on the trail.

I’m camped amongst the juniper trees.


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