Day 8. Back Out There. June 28, 2016

Bishop Pass Trailhead
to Lower Dusy Basin.10 miles.

3pm to 7:45pm

Bishop was a great break. But its time to get back to hiking. A friend of Wired’s took us back to the trail.


7 full days of food weighs way too much. But that is what we all hauled up Bishop Pass. We got lucky. Clouds came in and cool temperatures followed. Before we got to the top of the pass it started raining and we could hear thunder.  Then it was off and on for the rest of the day.


Such a different look than when we were coming into town.


Rockin in her rain outfit.

Of course it rained the hardest while we were setting up our tents. It isn’t raining as I write this.


It stopped raining AFTER we set up our tents.

Thanks to Rockin’ I had a fabulous dinner… avocado, tomato, pesto, mushrooms and basil. So different than the usual fare out here.


The avocado is under all the other yummy stuff.

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