Day 7. Zero in Bishop. June 28, 2016.

I love zeros and I love Bishop. This is just what we all needed. We are leaving this afternoon for the long 7 mile slog back up to Bishop Pass and God’s country.

This hike is different in so many ways. I did my laundry in the sink because the laundromat was 3 blocks away and I wanted clean clothes asap. My socks usually need about a dozen rinses to get most of the dirt out. Not this time. Walking thru snow and snow melt has kept them clean. It was my sun gloves that required multiple rinses. My hands have taken a beating from all the hand holds on rocks. My fingertips are going to be calloused but right now they are sore and tingling. We are all walking out of here with full finger gardening gloves.

I had 2 great dinners at the Mountain Rambler Brewery. Last night was compliments of one of Wired’s readers. Thanks Curt.


7 thoughts on “Day 7. Zero in Bishop. June 28, 2016.

  1. Bamboo Bob Sartini

    In Bishop on the PCT the power was out and most everything was closed. Fortunately we could resupply with headlamps at the grocery store.

  2. Warren

    Ya, I noticed the burger pattie. Makes me hungry for sure. -I’m on board now, followed you last year with your companions and finally got to your blog this year. I read the story of your trail name, kudos to you. Sometimes taking those really big steps really pays off. Sure looks like it did here. Tell Rockin’ and Wired Warren said hi.


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