Day 6. Connecting With People. June 26, 2016.

Day 6. Connecting With People. June 26, 2016.

Lower Barrett Lake to Bishop Pass Trail to Bishop

6am to 2:30pm

Town day! Light packs and the lure of town food plus a shower and clean clothes always quickens the step. Our original goal was to make it to Parchers Resort and their AYCE brunch by 11am. We knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Getting up and over Knapsack Pass was pretty straight forward. Finally.




We descended into Dusy Basin with its many lakes and towering peaks. I had never been here before. I can now see why it is such a popular place. We intersected the Bishop Pass Trail and took that the rest of the way.





There were lots of hikers coming up from the Bishop side. Amazingly we ran into Nancy Pallister. She wrote THE hiking guide for the Wind River Range.  She lives 4 miles from me and has helped us immensely in planning our upcoming Wind River hike. It was really exciting for Rockin and Wired to meet her.


Lower down the trail we met up with 2 college professors plus students doing research on some willow beetles. (I think that’s the bug.) One is the head of the biology department at Santa Clara University. My alma mater is Santa Clara and my major was biology. She filled me in on all my professors. That was fun.

It is 7 miles from the top of the pass to the trailhead. All I could think of is how hard it will be to climb back up with 7 days of food. Ugh.

We picked up our resupply boxes and hitched into Bishop.


7 thoughts on “Day 6. Connecting With People. June 26, 2016.

  1. Steve Nieman

    Nancy, I am so enjoying your writings of the adventures on this hiking trip. Pictures are beautiful and wonderful to see the beautiful weather. Keep the words coming…hike on girl!
    Steve NIeman

  2. bobbie keill

    Wow, Nancy, I’m getting tired just reading your blog. Can’t imagine actually DOING the hike, but so glad you are. Lots of snow where you are and it’s 104 in Gold River. Hugs, Bobbie

  3. Carrie Hyatt

    The world is so small! Love that you crossed paths with your friend, Nancy!! Really enjoying your pictures and the stories that accompany them. XO


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