Day 111. Keep on Walking. February 21, 2016.

Day 111. Keep on Walking.    February 21, 2016.

46 km
Careys Hut 2728 to side of Mavora Lakes Rd km 2774


Good morning

The first part of the day was walking on a 4 wheel drive road.


Sometimes the road was right on the beach.


The original plan for the day had us  camping by a swingbridge. But Leo and I got there by 3. Well, he got there and waited for me.


Too early to stop. So we kept going even though it was a road walk with unknown camping opportunities.  We kept walking til 8pm when the fence on one side of the road was a little further from the road and there was a flat spot on a little hill we could camp. It’s actually a pretty nice place. We have mobile service and the gravel road isn’t busy. And I can’t see the road anyway.


Most of the walking today that wasnt on road was great. The trail was PCT quality. My mind could wander to all sorts of topics. This is something I haven’t been able to do much on the TA. I have to constantly concentrate on where to place my feet in order to stay upright. It was nice to not have to do that today. I don’t have to think of foot placement on road walks but I seem to be in a “get it over with as quickly as possible” frame of mind so it’s not the same.


View from my tent

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