Day 88. Too Much Road Walking! January 29, 2016.

Day 88. Too Much Road Walking!    January 29, 2016.

33 km
Morrison Bridge km 2146 to Bealey Hut km 2179

I tried. But the Deception River was too deep and swift. I watched Brett, Sean and Arno cross and it just didn’t look possible for me. I was struggling just walking upstream along the side. So I turned around, walked the hour back to the road and then road walked the rest of the day.


Morrison Footbridge


So I waited 4.5 days to walk the road in the sun instead of in the rain. Hmmm. Not really worth it. But I did “go see for myself” instead of relying on what other people say. That is a huge lesson I have learned from hiking other trails. Usually the fear mongering paints a much worse picture than reality. I also like it when decisions are black and white. The right choice was so obvious.

At least it was a beautiful road walk.


I got really lucky. Lots of road maintenance is being done. Traffic going both ways was stopped for about 2 kilometers before the pass so I got to walk on an empty road.


Engineering marvel. Look, no cars.



Arthur's Pass

After the pass there is a 10km section of TA only trail. This usually means lousy trail and get your feet wet for no reason other than to get you off a road. I asked at the  DOC office. They said take the road. I did.


I met a bunch of other TA walkers today… at the hostel when I walked thru Arthur’s Pass and here at the hut. The 2 Israelis here walked the Deception River and Goat Pass last Friday and then went into Christchurch. Everyone else seems to be skipping the Deception River…. and most are skipping the road walk also. HYOH.

Brett, Arno and Sean just showed up. They said the water crossings got harder, deeper and swifter. I made the right decision. But I already knew that. Now we have 12 at a 6 person hut. Too bad for the Kiwi and his 6 year old daughter who probably thought they would be alone here. Not on the TA. There is room for lots of tents here so no one is sleeping on the floor. And it is a beautiful dry night.

8 thoughts on “Day 88. Too Much Road Walking! January 29, 2016.

  1. Eric Bow

    A wise decision by an experienced hiker. New Zealand has some of the toughest river crossings especially after several days of rain. Enjoy the ups and downs of the next section!


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