Day 84, 85, 86, 87. Too Many Zeros! January 25 – 28.

Day 84, 85, 86, 87. Too Many Zeros! January 25 – 28.

O km for 4 days

With 400 mm of rain predicted for the next few days we had to decide how badly we wanted to hike the next section. We could walk the road and skip it. Or we could wait out the rain and get to experience the Deception River and Goat Pass which is supposed to be awesome.

We decided to wait it out. That decision was made easier because we had been invited to Christchurch by the 3 women I met in Nelson Lakes. We got lucky with a hitch that took all 4 of us all the way.

Jess, Cass, Harriet and Jess’s flatmate Jen made an awesome dinner for us. They all work but still managed to get it all together. We were able to lounge around all the next day. Jen made lasagne the 2nd night. Many thanks to Jess, Jen and their new roommate, Sara, who agreed to let 4 smelly hikers stay for a couple days. The generosity of the Kiwis I meet continues to astound me. Thanks.


We are now back in Arthurs Pass. The weather forecast is good so we are all set to get back to hiking tomorrow.

There are lots of TA walkers here… some I haven’t met before which isn’t too surprising since we’ve taken so many zeros. I introduced myself to Mark from Switzerland. He said “Oh, you are Fast Nancy.” Ha, ha. Somehow some people behind me are calling me that. Of course I love it.  We got to talk to Alex and Helen. They had to wait several times for the rivers to lower before they could cross.

Tomorrow I walk. I can’t wait. It better be really good to make it worth the wait.

8 thoughts on “Day 84, 85, 86, 87. Too Many Zeros! January 25 – 28.

  1. LuCas Wilkmann

    YYYYEEESSS, dear “FAST Nancy”, we don’t know you in an other way. FAST and PROFESSIONAL! We’re are today one day off in Hanmer Springs to go into the pools!
    tomorrow we’ ll start the next section ….hopeful with good weather.
    greets and walk on yours Cecile “Dances with bees” and Lucas “Santiago”


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