Day 83. Too Much Rain. January 24, 2016.

Day 83. Too Much Rain. January 24, 2016.

14 km
Kiwi Hut km 2132 to Morrison Bridge km 2146

Today the trail provided me with 3 guardian angels. Their names were Brett, Sean and Arno. Sometime in the middle of the night it started raining. Not good.

Just after the hut we had to cross the Taramakau River. The first crossing wasn’t too bad. We had a bunch more water crossings which were higher and swifter. The 3 guys stuck by me and made sure I got across safely. It was so nice to have them with me today. So much of the route was along the river bed and not marked. When we got to the Flood Track – Aitkens Car Park junction we decided to see if we could cross the Otira River and get to the highway there. Surrounded by my 3 angels I made it across. We then walked the highway to Morrison Bridge. The next section of our route is a run portion of the Coast to Coast Race which happens in 3 weeks. Several people were there training and there was lots of discussion about whether it was passable today. It didn’t seem to be and more rain was on the way. We got a ride into Arthurs Pass and are staying at the YHA Backpackers. A hot shower never felt so good.

I bought the guys a beer as thanks for the help they gave me today. It is still raining.

No photos today…. too much rain.

13 thoughts on “Day 83. Too Much Rain. January 24, 2016.

  1. Apple Pie

    The upcoming track can indeed become dangerous with rain. We were going northbound last year and turned around at one of the first water crossings, we had rain too and it was just too swift and deep to safely cross. And the hut at the top of the pass doesn’t have a wood stove so it was chilly! I hope the weather improves for you.

  2. Wayne

    when the rain travels across the ranges it can be hit and miss as to how far across the ranges it gets, it can pour down in one valley and the next valley over be dry. it is hit and miss.

  3. Violet B

    WhyNot….I could kiss those gentlemen for making sure you forded without incident. Chivalry is not dead. Happy trails……………..Violet B

  4. Leanne

    HI Nancy just wondering if you know how Alex and Helen are going in the rain. I believe they started that section on Sunday 24 January. Are hikers able to move onto Arthur’s Pass or are the rivers flooded> Im aware that heavy rain has been falling and will continue until Thursday. Take care. Leanne

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Hi Leanne. I haven’t heard from them or anyone else behind me. I am in Christchurch and will get back up to Arthurs Pass tomorrow and hopefully start hiking Friday. Brett is here also. He got a message from them when they were still in Hamner Springs. There is no mobile service until Arthur’s Pass. If I see them I will tell them to call you.

      1. lwbuzz

        Thanks Nancy I’m sure they will call once they are out of the woods as they always do. Just wondering you might have caught up in a hut on that section. It was great to meet you and follow your fantastic adventure one foot after the other !

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