Day 82. Kiwi Hut. January 23, 2016

Day 82. Kiwi Hut. January 23, 2016.

32 km
Hurunui Hut km 2100 to Kiwi Hut km 2132.

It was kind of a long boring day and for some reason seemed really hard. I think my pack is too heavy with way too much food. Near the top of Harpers Pass there was a dead cow in a pool of water on the side of the river. Gross!


Near the pass and almost out of the trees


Harpers Pass


Looking back at the pass. I just walked down that.

I am at Kiwi Hut with Brett, Arno, Sean and Maxwell, a Kiwi hiking the South Island. It is an old 6 bunk hut. It felt so good to sit, eat and talk to my friends. I pushed to get here because of the weather forecast when I left town. I’m sure it has changed. It hasn’t rained yet which is good because I have lots of water crossings in the next 2 days. Another reason is the distance between huts. 32 km to the next hut from here.

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