Day 81. Harpers Pass Track. January 22, 2016.

Day 81. Harpers Pass Track. January 22, 2016.

42 km
1 km past Boyle Village 2058 to Hurunui Hut km 2100

I left at 8:30 to hitch back to the trail. Hitch #1 was an American/UK couple that have lived in NZ for 25 yrs. In 1963 she lived in Sacramento, where I live. They dropped me off at the highway because they were going on to Christchurch.

Nathan and Owen were already at the highway trying to hitch. I joined them. It seemed like forever but we got a ride. 2 hours after I stuck my thumb out I was 52 km down the road and walking again.

The track notes say if the river is up you should walk the road. I didn’t feel like an extra couple river crossings so I walked the road. I sure wish I would have had time to walk this section with an empty pack 2 days ago. That would have made today much easier.


I had thought I might stop at Hope Kiwi Lodge Hut but when I got there DOC workers were busy painting it. I could have stayed but it was great weather and I still had time to get to the next hut.


The track was not all this flat and easy



I got to the Hurunui Hut at 9pm. That’s too late. But being this far into the track gives me more options.


Today was a beautiful day but there wasn’t anything special about the walk. Some of it was along the river with open views. But most of it was in the trees.

I met lots of non TA trampers today…. 7 from a Wellington tramping club. One of them, Weka, has hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail.

I also met a woman who has been reading my blog. She recognized me! One of her daughters, who I also met,  will be hiking the PCT  this year


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