Day 80. Zero in Hamner Springs. January 21, 2016.

Day 80. Zero in Hamner Springs. January 21, 2016.

0 km

I changed hostels so I could be closer to the middle of town. Hamner Backpackers is great. They even provide ground coffee. So I had french press coffee instead of instant. I’ve been drinking mostly instant down here. And I’m getting used to it. But real coffee is soooo much better.  I did the usual zero day things…. ate, blogged, resupplied. The library closed at 2 which was way too early.

Of course I also checked the weather forecast…. heavy rain in a couple of days. But that will change. I have lots of extra food in case I need to sit it out waiting for water levels to drop. 

Jess, one of the 3 women who fed me at Blue Lake Hut, stopped by on her way home. She brought me fruit from her parents’ orchard in Nelson. Yum!

Hamner Springs is famous for its hot spring pools. And I didn’t go. If the weather forecast were different I would be tempted to take another zero. But if I did that I might be stuck here another week.

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