Day 79. Out to Hamner Springs. January 20, 2016.

Day 79. Out to Hamner Springs. January 20, 2016.

30 km.
Anne Hut km 2028 to 1 km past Boyle Village 2058.

I wasn’t in any hurry to leave the hut in the morning. I left at 9.


Looking back on the hut

It was slow going. Not because the track was particularly hard. I was just very tired. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I started to change my plan for the day. I would take it easy and stop at Boyle Flat Hut and walk out tomorrow. But when I got there at 2:30, I didn’t want to stop. With new found energy I kept walking.




It was 6 when I got to Boyle Village. It isn’t a village. It is an outdoor center and was closed. Mathew, Clement, Leo, Immanuel and I all needed to hitch. That was way too many people so I decided to walk the 1 km down the highway to where the track goes back into the bush and hitch from there. It turned out to be a pretty bad place to hutch from but I did get a ride within 30 minutes (which seems like forever when you are hitching.) A young French student took me down to the intersection to Hamner Springs. Immanuel and Leo were just getting out of a car so we were 3 hitching again. A Rav4 with 5 people in it stopped. If we could fit in the back they would give us a ride. A van stopped after seeing us struggle. He could take packs but no people. Perfect. We were on our way.

Dinner, hostel, bed….. zzzzzzz.

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