Day 38. How hungry are ya hut? Or Hauhungaroa Hut.

Day 38. How hungry are ya hut? Or Hauhungaroa Hut.

11 km
Waihaha Hut km 1003 to Hauhungaroa Hut km 1014

Yesterday beat us all up. So today we started after 9 and quit at 2:30. But still that is barely 2 km per hour. And that is the TA.

The Pureora Forest is my favorite forest so far. It has lots of old growth huge trees and less overgrown brush. No gorse! More open. And trails…. so I feel like I am hiking instead of gently stepping trying to stay upright. And it was mostly very well marked. Of course it also had some steep sections that made me say…. that can’t be the trail. But it was.


Beautiful trail


Huge tree

This hut sleeps 6 and has a view. When Alex walked in he said “how hungry are ya”….. that was his way of pronouncing the name of the hut.

It was sunny but kind of cold when we got here so we made mochas.  Alex and Helen had extra food so they made salami, cheese and sun dried tomato wraps for everyone. Yum!


Having a lazy afternoon was nice for a change but I doubt I will make it a regular practice.

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