Day 37. Best day yet. December 9, 2015

Day 37. Best day yet. December 9, 2015.

34 km
Pureora Cabin km 969  to Waihaha Hut km 1003.

2 cups of coffee. 2 cups of tea. Grilled cheese sandwich. What a way to start the day.

Peak, hut, peak, hut. The day was nicely broken up into natural resting and eating stops. It started as a nice cycle path, then good track. Of course I didn’t end up with dry feet and there were a couple km of crazy steep down and up. But it was a great day in the best forest yet.


Out of focus but look at that path!


Mt Pureroa in the distance


The top of Mt Pureroa




Bog Inn Hut


Lunch #2


Top of Mt Weraroa

We got to the hut just before dark after being at it for 13 hours. Our timing for getting to the hut was great for us. Not so great for Scott and Jo. They are Kiwis also hiking the trail and were just about ready for bed. At this late hour they of course assumed they had the hut to themselves. Then we walked in making a bunch of noise and still needing to make and eat dinner. Scott and Jo were wonderful about it and were great to talk to.


2 thoughts on “Day 37. Best day yet. December 9, 2015

  1. Joyce miller

    I love your posts, each and every one of them. Thanks for taking the time to share. Wow, sure is a beautiful hike.


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