Haines – What a gorgeous place!

Alaska Day 11 7/5/15

Laundry in the morning.  Then a ferry over to Haines. 


I almost forgot to take a picture before I took my tent down.


Perfect day for helicopter tours


View from the ferry

I think Haines is the most beautiful town setting I have ever seen.  I had made reservations at the Bear Creek Cabins a mile out of town.  That was one of the longest miles I have ever walked.  I rented a bike to get back to town. I rode by an RV park right in town.  Camping at water’s edge with views of the most amazing mountains.  Perfect weather.  This is where I should have stayed.  So much for planning ahead. 


It was Sunday after 7pm. Almost everything was closed including the grocery store.  I saw a man with an ipad sitting on a bench. I asked him if he lived here and where I could eat.  He told me the one place.  I parked the bike and then remembered I hadn’t taken photos of the yacht harbor so I walked the block to it.  The man was there.  After a few more minutes of talking,  David invited me aboard his sailboat for dinner.  Amazing.



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