Ferry Friends’ Tour of Haines

Alaska Day 12 7/6/15

I met up with my ferry friends, Dan and Robin. They showed me more of Haines’ spectacularness. Their off the grid home is beyond cool. Getting to their house is an adventure.  At low tide you walk across the muddy flat…. it’s even called Mud Bay. They have a canoe for high tide. 


View while driving to their house


Low tide


View from one of their windows


Their garden


All about Alaska. I want to read them all.

But really the coolest part is the community of exhippies that live there.  All off the grid. All helping each other. All unique homes.  We walked thru the woods to visit one of their neighbors.  They even built a frisbee golf course on the top of the hill.


Neighbor's garden and view


High tide. Paddled or the mouth of the bay before returning to the car.




Haines Brewery with Dan. Cheers!


Evening walk from town back to where I am staying.

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