20 thoughts on “TAHOE RIM TRAIL

  1. Janet Slow n Steady Steinert

    Great to hear from you after a long hiatus. I am sort of sitting this year out–had knee replacement surgery and need to let it heal. I will still do a few hikes in the Whites because I can’t stand to sit out an entire summer. Looking forward to reading your journals!

  2. Aplittle

    Have a blast! My current dentist in SC raves about my mouth and what a good dentist I must have had in CA, I concur with her. She also happens to be my 2nd Cousin’s daughter, a 30 something that is in her 4th year of practice that reminds me of you.

    Thanks, Pete

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  3. Wayne E. Stiefvater

    Good to hear from you again! This must be a warmup for another grand adventure. Have a great time!

  4. Mike Nelson

    You go girl!
    If you are around on Labor Day we are planning on A trip with TarpMan to Emerald, Sapphire And Mirror lakes. He will be 80!


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