Back Where I Belong – TRT Day 1

10.1 miles
Kingsbury SouthTrailhead (90.2) to mile 100.3 (miles on the TRT start at Tahoe City and we are hiking counterclockwise)

The Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) is a 173 mile trail that circumnavigates Lake Tahoe onthe mountains which surround the lake. I hiked the TRT in 2011. It is worth rehiking.

Wired and Rockin’ had planned this hike awhile ago. I decided to join them just a couple of days ago. So it was definitely a last minute scramble to get ready. I met both of them via the hiking world but I haven’t hiked with either of them. I am excited to get to know them better.

Their blogs are some of the most informative and followed hiking blogs out there. Check them out at and You might even see a few photos of me!

Wired picked me up at 10:30. Check out this photo and see if you can guess one of the reasons she it’s called WIRED.


We met Rockin’ at the trailhead. I could immediately tell that I am not in thru hiker shape. Of course we started with an uphill. We are planning at least 22 mile days. We shall see how that goes.


Rockin' and Wired at the start, Kingsbury South Trailhead


This is one very well marked trail


This trail is all about the views

I love hiking with these two supercharged women. Non stop talking made the time fly by. We hiked extra miles to try to get a campsite with a view. But there was no level ground to be found with a view. And it isn’t all that flat here in the trees either. I am cowboy camping. The others are tenting. It is so awesome to be back out here where I belong.


I love campsites with firniture


Wired loves Subway


Rockin' thought it was flat

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