Day 147 – 8/27/14 – Stehekin

Day 147
9.5 miles
2580.2 total miles


We got up early to ensure getting the first shuttle bus to town…. an 11 mile ride.  I started hiking at 4:40am. The earliest start of the entire hike! I made it with 45 minutes to spare.

Johnny Rocket,  Maniac and Salty got off the bus to continue hiking north.  It was great to see them again but we had little time to talk. They assured us that Stehekin was heaven on earth.

One of the reasons for rehiking the PCT was to go to the Stehekin Bakery as a hungry thruhiker. In 2009, near the end of September,  the bakery was only open on a limited schedule.  It was closed when I was there. On the closed days some items were available in the gazebo on the side of the bakery. All items were wrapped and priced. There was an honor system bucket for money on the table. Great but not nearly as wonderful as today. Coffee and half a cinnamon roll and half a sticky bun. Split with Atlas.  The bus just stops long enough to buy some goodies. They were eaten on the bus in no time. We will be back tomorrow.


In town I saw Will (from England), Darin (from England), Crusher, Milkjug,  Kneif (from Switzerland),  300, Juicy, and Plug (from Austria)… quite the international gathering.


Kimchi, 300, Will, Atlas, Me, Milkjug


Me, Milkjug, Will, Kneif


Kneif, Brendan, Milkjug, Will, Kimchi, Atlas, Me

The day’s last light…..



Atlas, Kimchi and I decided to split a room. It has a queen, twin and futon. We drew for who got which bed. I won with the queen.  I will sleep well tonight.

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